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37."New World"


01 "Rebirth"
October 3, 2006
High school student Light Yagami finds a mysterious notebook labeled "DEATH NOTE", and after following the instructions written on it, he discovers its terrifying powers.

02 "Confrontation"
October 10, 2006
The mysterious detective "L" investigates Light's killings and sets a trap for him.

03 "Dealings"
October 17, 2006
Ryuk informs Light that a man is tailing him, and also tells him about the deal of the "Shinigami Eyes".

04 "Pursuit"
October 24 2006
After testing more of the Death Note's powers, Light attempts to discover the name of his tail.

05 "Tactics"
October 31, 2006
Light uses Raye Penber to destroy the FBI in Japan. Light's father becomes head of the "Kira investigation".

06 "Unraveling"
November 07, 2006
The remaining members of the investigation team meet L in person. Light examines his previous actions for anything that could compromise his identity.

07 "Overcast"
November 14, 2006
Light must dispose of a former FBI agent named Naomi Misora who can incriminate him.

08 "Glare"
November 21, 2006
Light discovers his room is bugged, and comes up with a plan to throw off L's suspicions.

09 "Encounter"
November 28, 2006
To investigate Light further, L reveals himself to him.

10 "Doubt"
December 5, 2006
L begins to profile Light through a game of tennis, and they discuss the Kira case.

11 "Assault"
December 12, 2006
Turmoil erupts when a second Kira holds a Japanese TV station hostage, to televise a message to the world.

12 "Love"
December 26, 2006
L invites Light to the investigation team to help determine the identity of the Second Kira.

13 "Confession"
January 9,2007
Misa discovers Light's identity as Kira and pays a visit to him.

14 "Friend"
January 16, 2007
Light devises a plan to eliminate L using Misa and Rem.

15 "Wager"
January 23, 2007
L arrests Misa after obtaining evidence against her, and she makes a significant sacrifice in order to protect Light.

16 "Decision"
January 30, 2007
Light makes a plan involving renouncing ownership of both Death Notes and turns himself in to L for surveillance.

17 "Execution"
February 6, 2007
Fifty days have passed and neither Light nor Misa have confessed, so L and Soichiro take a drastic measure.

18 "Ally"
February 13, 2007
After settling their differences, Light and L start to investigate the Yotsuba Group together. L also hires new members to the team.

19 "Matsuda"
February 20, 2007
Matsuda ends up in trouble while investigating the Yotsuba Headquarters by himself and his comrades elaborate a plan to rescue him.

20 "Makeshift"
February 27, 2007
The investigation team starts its plan to expose the Kira among the Yotsuba chairmen.

21 "Performance"
March 6, 2007
While playing her part in the plan, Misa comes into contact with Rem who tells her about everything that happened when she was the second Kira.

22 "Guidance"
March 13, 2007
After discovering the identity of Yotsuba's Kira, L's group starts to corner him.

23 "Frenzy"
March 20, 2007
Knowing he was exposed, Higuchi (Kira) struggles to avoid being arrested by using any means at his hand.

24 "Revival"
March 27, 2007
With the Death Note back in his hands, Light recovers his lost memories and moves on with his master plan.

25 "Silence"
April 3, 2007
Light and L's confrontation comes to an end.

26 "Reincarnation"
April 10, 2007
Light begins judging criminals once again to create the world he envisions. The first half of this episode is a recap of the previous episodes.

27 "Abduction"
April 17, 2007
Five years later, two new enemies appear in Light's way.

28 "Impatience"
April 24, 2007 M
Near contacts Light and both agree to cooperate in order to rescue Sayu.

29 "Father"
May 1, 2007
Mortified over allowing the Death Note to fall into Mello's hands in order to save his daughter, Soichiro puts himself into harm's way in order to get it back.

30 "Justice"
May 8, 2007
After getting an important piece of information from Mello, Near starts suspecting Light. Light however, after finally subduing the U.S. government, sets up a trap for him.

31 "Transfer"
May 15, 2007
Knowing he is being investigated by Near, Light orders Misa to execute a backup plan.

32 "Selection"
May 22, 2007
After Mikami chooses a new spokesperson to replace Demegawa, Light finds a way to contact her.

33 "Ridicule"
May 29, 2007
Near arrives in Japan and his group starts to investigate Mikami.

34 "Vigilance"
June 5, 2007
Aizawa uses a trick of his to see through Light's deception and discover the truth about him. Later, the SPK puts Misa and Mogi into their custody.

35 "Malice"
June 12, 2007
In a daring operation, Mello makes his move and successfully kidnaps Takada, posing as a hindrance to both Near and Light's plans.

36 "1/28"
June 19, 2007
Each having developed a strategy to bring the other down for good, Light and Near finally meet face to face.

37 "New World"
June 26, 2007
The showdown between Light and Near finally comes to an end.

-- "Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God"
"Death Note Riraito · Genshisuru Kami" (DEATH NOTE リライト・幻視する神) August 31, 2007

Membru special
Membru special

Mesaje : 2077
Varsta : 24
Localizare : Jigoku

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